Spring Intersession Camps!

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March 13th – 17th 

The Time Trekkers

Join us for adventures in time as we travel across the space time continuum to the past & future. Your camper will build their time machine and decide where to travel each day. Will they go back to the time of the dinosaurs, watch the Olympics from Ancient Greece, or travel into the future and discover new technology? There is no time limit on imagination. So buckle up and beam me up for an exciting week in time!  As Captain James T. Kirk said our campers will go ‘boldly go where no man has gone…before’

March 20th – 24th

Top Secret….

At New Hope Camp we are recruiting spies…shhhhh. Our spies will become part of our elite training program and will learn how to make spy tools, create their own disguise for cover, and make and break codes. Every morning our spies will participate in our top secret briefings and solve impossible missions.  At the end of the week your camper will be ready to take on the world as part of the New Hope Camp spy team.

This message will self-destruct in 9…8…7…

March 27th – 31st

Scotland has arrived – The Highland Games!

Well Alba gu bràth! (Scotland forever!) If your camper is not of Scottish descent they will be at the end of the week. Join us as we recreate our version of the Highland games – no kilt required. Campers will make and toss their own caber; create their own version of the traditional Scottish hammer throw; and finally try out the Scottish game of the ‘Lazy Stick’. Of course we need music so it’s time to introduce your camper to the sound of bagpipes. At the end of the week you are invited to the first New Hope Camp Highland Games festival with our athletes, some Scottish music and our legendary Scottish hotdogs!